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Welcome to my website! My passion in life is helping people. Whether it is helping them with self confidence, pushing them to strive harder to help themselves, showing them a way to improve their health or their financial situation, whatever it may be, I pride myself on my actions and am always educating myself so I can better serve people. I hope you enjoy the site here, please feel free to reach out to me and send me a note. I look forwarding to meeting you!

Jul 1, 2010

I KNEW Being a Natural Born Red Head was Trouble!

I found this article today published back in April about how your hair color can determine certain insights into your mental and physical well being.

I just didn't correlate that my hair color may have had something to do with my "surprise" pregnancies!
That is funny but what I didn't find too funny was the health risk I read about us red heads. Ok so my genes mutated and that's what made me a red head but MAN does that have to mean other risks?!?

Apparently so, check out the article, it was a pretty good read.


Jun 21, 2010

Lesson learned about losing weight from John DeFendis

Hi all! Just started this blog about weight loss, fitness, keeping healthy, traveling, shopping, working hard then having time to play!
My goal is to encompass good information about different aspects of your life and I look forward to some great interactive comments posted here in the future!

So who is John DeFendis and what did I learn from him? John has been a Personal Trainer for over 26 years. He started training people and helping them reach their goals long before Personal Training was a business. His love for the gym and helping people is what inspires him to be passionate about his work.

His expertise lies in weight loss, toning, shaping, firming, bodybuilding and fitness.

John has trained thousands of overweight people with incredible success. One of his biggest accomplishments is that he has taken over 100 pounds off of each of 22 individual people in the last 2 years with his ULTRA FIT program, which has now been renamed LiveFit 360. He recently took over 50 pounds off of the Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. John also trained 17 Senators & Congressman at the Congressional gym, trained clothing designer Calvin Klein, the CEO of American Express Jim Robinson, Professional Ballplayers Mike Piazza and Luis Alicea, and performed several Seminars for the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, and Phoenix Suns. Mr. DeFendis has personal trained Professional boxer Andrew Golatta and over 300 champion titleholders in Fitness & Bodybuilding.

He has been featured on 24 national and International magazine covers and won the Mr. USA title himself. John hosts his own radio talk show on: Fitness, Nutrition, Sports, Weight Training and Weight Loss. He has written a syndicated Newspaper column called "The Fitness Expert" that is carried in 28 different newspapers, and he has won "Trainer of the Year" for the last 9 years for the state of Florida. John is also the Director of Exercise for the IFPA (They certified the Olympic Doctors in 1996)

So what did I learn from him? He was on a phone call one evening explaining how women are usually victims of yo-yo dieting and explained how yo-yo diets happen. I was amazed how in detail he was about what we do wrong in exercising. It was pretty logical too when I thought about it, we usually target the areas we are having problems with instead of working on building lean muscle which helps ease the shedding of pounds. There is more to it and I could go on forever but if you want me to explain more go ahead and contact me on the form at the bottom of the page here.

At 42 years old it was like a brick had hit me in the head and I literally said "Oh wow, I never knew that" on the phone call because truly I didn't know that too much cardio is actually a hindrance rather than an asset, again, more good information from this master of fitness.

I am so pleased to have been fortunate enough to hear him speak and now be using his system for weight loss. I've been on it for 10 days so far and lost 6 lbs my first 7 days and now have maintained that for the last 3. I am looking forward to my results after my first 30 days!

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Feel free to place a comment, tell us your story about your weight loss successes or not successful  stories we'd love to hear it!