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Jul 1, 2010

I KNEW Being a Natural Born Red Head was Trouble!

I found this article today published back in April about how your hair color can determine certain insights into your mental and physical well being.

I just didn't correlate that my hair color may have had something to do with my "surprise" pregnancies!
That is funny but what I didn't find too funny was the health risk I read about us red heads. Ok so my genes mutated and that's what made me a red head but MAN does that have to mean other risks?!?

Apparently so, check out the article, it was a pretty good read.


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Henry Kretchmer said...

Hey Laura,

Great information on how your hair color relates directly to certain health conditions, something I did not know. It looks like this was targeted towards women so I passed the article onto my wife who is a blond and so are her 2 sisters.

It is interesting though my father was a fair haired blond (very very light brown almost blonde the more he was in the sun) and when he was about 68 he was diagnosed with macular-degeneration. So maybe there are corresponding health issues between women and men. I will have to a google search on that.